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What do your gums say?


Healthy and well cared for gums will last you a lifetime, and should be pink and firm to the touch.

Your gums perform three main functions:

Anchor teeth to the jaw, allowing you to bite and chew
– Alveolar Processes surround the teeth and give them support
– The Gingiva (Pink Flesh) protects the roots of your teeth

Bleeding, swelling and soreness are all sure signs of gum disease, which comes in two main types – Gingivitis which is reversible and Periodontal Disease which is not reversible.

Treatment Options for gum disease will be assessed and recommended by your dentist when you attend for your next check-up. It can usually be a simple case of your dentist or hygienist removing the build up of plaque (Tartar) from your teeth, and/or maybe deep root cleaning if necessary.

Gum disease can be minimised by ensuring that you spend a sufficient amount of time brushing your teeth (Around 2 minutes) and using floss and interdental brushes to remove plaque from your teeth and gums.

Other steps that you could take might include:

– Reducing your intake of sugary food and drinks, which feed plaque
– Taking the time to carefully clean around teeth and gums
– Plaque removing mouthwash
– Eat more fish and nuts, which reduce the risk of gum disease

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