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Veneers at Pearl Dental Practice and Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Veneers are the buzz-word of the dental world for the last few years, along with dental implants and tooth whitening. Veneers are likened to false fingernails, in that they are glued onto the front of your teeth to change their shape and/or colour, and can achieve dramatic transformations of smiles.

Here at Pearl dental practice and beauty salon, we have considerable experience in the planning and provision of veneers, often in conjunction with tooth whitening, and have developed a very close relationship with our selected dental laboratories in order that our results look like your teeth, just better!

We have 2 options in terms of the cosmetic demands for veneers, with costs increasing as aesthetic demands become more particular. Our standard veneers are of an exceptional standard in terms of their fit and finish, and the difference between these and our more exclusive range of veneers is the amount of shade variation and surface characterisation that is incorporated into the veneers by the laboratory. If you look closely at your teeth in a mirror, you will notice that they vary in clour, and that the surface texture is not perfectly flat. Using digital photos of your teeth and smile, our specialist laboratory can create astonishingly lifelike veneers that cannot be distinguished from the surrounding teeth, but this degree of detail incurs increased laboratory costs, and hence makes the veneer more expensive.

Fees for veneers are tax deductable at your marginal rate.

All of our veneers are subject to our comprehensive 5 year warranty covering all costs should failure occur. If you are considering veneers, a comprehensive examination and treatment plan must be undertaken first, sometimes incorporated with our smile design service (…salon-dublin-2), and you will be made fully aware of all costs before treatment begins. If you’re checking out other veneer providers, ensure that you ask about their warranty on their work, and also that they allow the option of returning the veneers for shade changing if they are not right first time. Don’t accept anything less as the veneers will define your smile for the next 15-20 years, and must be of an acceptable standard to justify the cost.

For most people our standard veneer is more than sufficient to meet their requirements, and the longevity of both standard and exclusive veneers is identical.

Images of some of our standard veneers can be seen in our ‘before and after’ category at, and images of an exclusive veneer case can be found in the post:…salon-dublin-2.

For more information, contact us at Pearl Dental Practice and Beauty Salon, Nassau Street, Dublin 2, call us on 01 679 0625, or check out our main site

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