Tooth Decay & Fillings

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, though easy to avoid, is common. We work with all our patients to promote prevention of decay.
Where it exists, we take various approaches:

  • Dental amalgam, often referred to as a silver filling, is a safe, inexpensive and effective remedy. However its appearance means that many patients prefer to choose our next option.
  • Composite resins are white fillings that are always used in the front teeth but can be used anywhere in the mouth. They are more time consuming and costly than amalgam fillings. (Tell us if you’d like white fillings when making your appointment so that we may allocate extra time for the procedure.)
  • Root canal treatment (RCT) sounds rather scary. But with the use advanced dental techniques and anaesthetics, it is a procedure that can be made as comfortable as a simple cavity filling. It is effective when decay (or other problems) have affected tooth nerves.
  • As a final solution we offer extractions, a procedure that should be painless for most patients. We advise how to minimise subsequent discomfort and suggest follow-up. cosmetic solutions.


For cosmetic or aesthetic reasons, some patients choose to have composite (or white) fillings, to treat caries or cavities.

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