Prevention & Hygiene


At Pearl Dental our dentists believe that prevention is always better than a cure. We see patients all the time who suffer needlessly from serious dental diseases that can affect your heart and other organs, and reduce overall quality of life. In most cases this can be easily prevented with regular check-ups and good oral hygiene. By attending our practice for your regular check up when its due, will ensure your teeth are on the right track for a lifetime of use.

During each patient appointment, our dentists follow a simple process that checks to see if all parts of your teeth, mouth and gums are healthy, and to highlight any areas of concern. Your first appointment with Pearl is an especially important one. We conduct a thorough examination, discuss your dental and medical history, outline treatment options that may be available, their costs and other factors which may influence the treatment path we propose. Our routine appointment involves:

  • Charting your Mouth, Gums and Teeth
  • Taking your Medical History
  • Checking for Gum Disease
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • X-rays
  • Analysing Jaw Alignment and Bite
  • Providing you with a Treatment Plan

Please remember this is also your opportunity to ask your dentist any questions you have about your oral health, cosmetic dentistry or teeth straightening. Our dentists provide all of these services in-house on a regular basis, and are fully qualified and trained in all treatments they provide. If you would like to book an appointment today, contact our reception team on 01 679 0625 or email:


We recommend a visit to our dental hygienist at least once each year. A professional clean will help to keep your gums healthy and your teeth feeling and looking better. Regular visits also ensure early detection of gum disease, which our practice is able to treat in its early to moderate stages. High risk or advanced cases will be referred for specialist treatment.

Our hygienist carries out two main functions for patients – expert cleaning of your teeth and the prevention of gum disease. If your gums bleed when you floss or brush or appear inflamed in the mirror, then you could be suffering with gum disease. The fact about gum disease is that is totally preventable provided you attend for regular check ups and practice good oral hygiene.

The Hygienist session takes place over 30 minutes and involves the use of a high tech hand scaler which is used gently on your teeth to remove any plaque. The removal of this plaque and the subsequent cleaning of your teeth, will help to improve and restore the health of your gums, and in time they should stop bleeding.

Our Dental Hygienist is a qualified and experienced Registered Dental Hygienist, who has treated hundreds of patients over the years, again feel free to ask any questions, or request advice on improving your oral care routine.

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