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Tip of the Week 4- The Hygienist

Probably the most undervalued and abused member of the dental team, both by dentists and patients! Hygienists have a hard life, as many dentists use them as a depository for all the patients and work they don’t want themselves, and many patients don’t quite understand their role when they’re sent to see them.

If you want a clean, healthy mouth, perfect oral hygiene, and immaculately kissable breath, a hygienist should become one of your best friends, as she will be able to advise you on the most appropriate oral hygiene techniques for your mouth, will clean your teeth more diligently, and more thoroughly than the majority of dentists, and should take a personal interest in you becoming a paragon of oral health. She is generally able to treat the majority of cases of gum disease, and you can see her as often as you wish to maintain that perfect smile, without having to see the dentist every time.

If you get into knots with floss, drink mouthwash as an aperitif, and use interdental brushes to clean your ears, you need a visit to the hygienist ASAP!

Our hygienist, Joann, is available Wednesdays and Fridays in our studio on Nassau Street, and will gently, but thoroughly, clean and polish your mouth, and coax you into better oral hygiene habits. She is also appreciated by us dentists too, as she can clean a mouth better than any of us are able!

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