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Tip of the week 3

The electric toothbrush

No, they’re not just a gimmick, but can be a very useful tool for improving the health of your gums, teeth and mouth in general.

However, don’t rush off to buy the first you see, as there are good and bad ones, and some are more suited to particular people than others, and, guess what, that’s another reason for seeing your dentist or hygienist regularly, as he/she will have the chance to advise you as to the most appropriate brush for your mouth.

In our studio on Nassau Street we stock our favoured brushes, namely the Oral B Plaque Remover ( not the one for 10 euro that you find in the pound shop! ), and the Philips Sonicare, which uses a form of sonic vibration to clean the teeth, as opposed to mechanical motions.

If you seriously value your teeth, an investment in a good electric toothbrush is a wise one.

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