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Teeth and Treats at Halloween in Dublin

Given that Halloween is just around the corner we thought it would be interesting to discuss the large consumption of sugary treats coming up in 2 weeks and how to take care of your teeth. We have children of our own and enjoy Halloween as much as everyone else, but suggest the following tips and advice:

Everything in moderation
If your child consumes one sugary treat during a regular day, just because its Halloween does not mean that a whole evening consuming treats is a good idea.
Suggestion: When your child returns from collecting treats, ask them to pick 3/4 things from their stash to eat, and the rest can be consumed at another time.

Avoid hard lollies and chewy sweets
Hard lollies that a person keeps in their mouth for a long period of time, cause the most damage to teeth. The fact that the sugar is consistently coming off the product and attacking teeth makes them a treat to avoid. Additionally, I can’t tell you the amount of times a patient has come into the practice where a filling, or a piece of tooth has actually come off due to a sticky chewy sweet.
Suggestion: Remove some of these types of treats from your child’s stash to reduce the damage to teeth.

Recycle some treats
In many cases a number of trips are made out to visit houses in the neighbourhood to collect treats, and in most cases people do not have a limitless quantity of treats to distribute.
Suggestion: Give back out some of the treats your kids receive. This reduces their sugary intake and makes you the most popular house in the local area.

Make sure to floss and brush before bed
Its probably one of the most important evenings to ensure you floss and brush your teeth properly before bed.

Happy Halloween from all the team here in Pearl Dental. If you have any dental problems or would like to discuss your dental health, please do not hesitate to contact us here on 01 6790625 or email:






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