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Dental Implants from €1500 at Pearl Dental and Beauty, Dublin 2

Dental implants at Pearl Dental, Dublin 2 are more affordable than ever, with fees from €1500 for multiple units. And these are Ankylos implants, one of the leading implant manufacturers in Europe, not mini-implants or obscure cheaper implant types. The fee for a standard dental implant at Pearl Dental includes everything- assessment, surgery stage, restoration and review visits. There are no hidden fees to surprise or disapoint, and we pride ourselves on our committment to service and customer satisfaction. Please note that a definite quote can only be provided after assessment, as there are many factors that influence the treatment plan, and therefore the cost, of dental implants.

A dental implant is generally the most complete and effective method of replacing a missing tooth, and is a remarkably civilised procedure, generally requiring no time away from work, (except the treatment appointments), usually involves little or no pain, and is now an incredibly reliable procedure in the hands of a competent and experienced dentist who is prepared to take the necessary time and care to ensure success. Dental implants are not a procedure to be undertaken during a weeks holiday to foreign climes, as the planning, consent and undertaking of such procedures requires more than a cursory visit, and dental implants that go wrong often require immediate intervention, which can be much more difficult to access if the dentist is 3 hours away on a plane!

Many successful and competent dentists carry out dental implant procedures in other countries, but if they tell you that you only need a weeks visit, move on to the more conscientious dentist who accepts the fact that implants need careful planning, careful explanation and consent, and a high level of technical skill to be successful. Wherever you decide that your implants will be carried out, ensure that the dentist is expecting at least 5 or 6 visits from initial assessment to final restoration, and ensure that they give a warranty of at least 5 years on all the work, with no further cost to be incurred by you if anything goes wrong. 

Here at Pearl Dental, Dublin 2, we guarantee all of our dental implants, fixtures and crowns for a minimum of 5 years (subject to certain criteria), and don’t expect you to pay for anything should there be a failure in that timeframe.

Finally, be aware that dental implants require excellent maintenance regimes, both by you, and your dentist. Here at Pearl Dental, we advise all of our dental implant patients to see our hygienist, Joann, on a regular basis to ensure that the implant is maintained impeccably, along with the rest of the teeth, and to ensure that the patient’s oral hygiene is optimised to maximise gum health.

If you require further information on dental implants, contact us at 01 679 0625, or via e-mail at

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Framing your smile.

If you love your smile, or have invested heavily to achieve the youthful smile you desire, why leave the face that surrounds the smile as the give away that shows your true age? To complement the smiles that we create, Pearl Treatment Centres are in the process of opening a new beauty salon to run alongside the dental suites. A full range of beauty treatments will be offered, from facials, massages, nail care, and waxing, right through to Botox, Collagen Fillers for lines and wrinkles, and even spray tanning. Dermalogica will be the main professional product line that we will carry, and the beauty treatments can be timed to coincide with your dental visits to maximise the efficient use of your time. You will also be able to pay for all of the treatments on one single bill, and our records will keep track of every treatment and product that you have used, both dental and beauty care, such that we will always be able to ensure continuity.

Our discreet city centre location on Nassau Street will ensure optimum convenience and privacy, and we plan to be fully operational in August 2008.

Watch this space for more information, and for special opening offers.

Don’t forget, the dental suites are now well established, and offer an extensive range of dental treatments, including full cosmetic assessment, planning and treatment, tooth whitening, and routine dental care.

Not a dental fan….?

We have found over the years that there are one or two of you out there that have a specific dislike of the dentist. We try not to take it personally, but sometimes it just seems unfair. We know the dentist was an ogre when you were a kid, and that he/she strapped you into the chair with the other kids watching and pulled your tooth out with no anaesthetic, but honestly, we’ve worked out that you don’t really like that anymore, so we try really hard to make it more civilised these days!

Here at Pearl Treatment Centres we have a team of motivated and caring staff who actually want you to come back because you want to, not because you’re told to. We have 4 different dentists available, such that we should have someone for any personality out there. We have tried to make our surroundings modern and appealing, such that your first thought coming through the door is not ‘Aaargh, DENTIST!’  We are patient in our approach, and try not to overload you with too much in one visit if that is not comfortable for you. For those of you that need more help when coping with your dental visit, we also have a hypnotherapist on site, and we work very closely with him in bringing the real dental phobe to the point at which the dentist is not the big deal that they thought.

We are committed to trying to provide a full range of treatment for everyone that needs or wants it, and if that takes 12 months for some, and 2 weeks for others, we’re in no rush. At the end of it all, we want you leaving with a smile!

Did he even look at your gums?

The most common reason now for a tooth to be extracted is gum disease. Unfortunately, many dentists are not particularly interested in gums, and as such, gum disease often goes unnoticed until relatively advanced, and difficult to treat. Early signs are bleeding gums after brushing or flossing, and healthy gums SHOULD NOT BLEED! Treatment in early stages is thorough cleaning of the teeth by the dentist or hygienist (who is specifically trained for this purpose), followed by instruction in suitable maintenance techniques for homecare.

The main reason for bringing people back for 6, 9 or 12 month check-ups is to allow regular professional tooth cleaning to prevent gum disease and maintain optimum oral health, so if your dentist only ever cleans the back of the front 6 teeth and gives them a quick brush, CHANGE DENTIST NOW!! There is no excuse for ignoring gum disease anymore, and any dentist that does should not be allowed to get away with it. Be particularly aware if you are being seen under your PRSI, a medical card, or other third party scheme, as it is easy for the dentist to skip the proper cleaning and still get paid, and this should not happen.

Treatment of more advanced gum disease will cost you money, as there is no easy fix, and it will require time and effort on your part, and usually the intervention of a good hygienist or periodontist (gum treatment specialist). It is much easier to prevent than to treat gum disease.