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Back to School – Dental Tips


With the return to school taking place around the country in the next week or so, we thought we would take the opportunity to highlight the importance of creating good oral health habits with children and offer parents some tips for school lunches.

Going back to school is a great time to put a new oral health routine in place, alongside the usual process of getting ready for school. We recommend that school-goers brush their teeth after breakfast each morning, and if possible around the same time each day so its not overlooked. Putting this in place will establish a habit of lifetime, and make cleaning teeth a natural part of the day rather than a chore.

When children are brushing their teeth it is important that parents help them up until the age of 6, and then supervise them to around ten years of age, to ensure that it is done properly. Children should use a toothpaste containing fluoride and a pea-sized amount is more than adequate. It is also recommended that children do not rinse the toothpaste out of their mouth, as it removes the remaining fluoride which will help to fight tooth decay.

School Lunches for Healthy Teeth

– Swap fizzy drinks or juice for milk and water, they will more than sufficiently quench your child’s thirst while reducing their daily sugar intake.
– Fresh fruit is a better choice than dried fruit, although dried fruit can be easier to eat, it contains more sugar and can stick to teeth.
– Try to avoid processed starchy crackers and crisps that will stick to teeth and turn to sugars very quickly.

Make sure that your child has at least one visit to the dentist during the school year to see that their teeth are progressing as expected and there are no problems developing. If you need an appointment or some help with your child’s oral health please contact us on 01 6790625 or email