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Perfect Christmas Gift – Straight Teeth

As today is the 1st of December, it will get many of us thinking about the perfect Christmas gift for a family member, spouse or loved one. Why not give a gift that keeps on giving? Improved confidence, an aesthetically pleasing smile and better mouth functionality through teeth straightening.

Pearl Dental have been treating patients for several years now, providing them with cosmetic orthodontics. This offers patients complete treatment in under 6 months and for a price lower than many people expect. We use two main systems on our patients Cfast and Fastbraces, both provide excellent results and in which our dentists have received comprehensive training.

Our two teeth straightening systems can be suitable for people of all ages, and in general provide a more patient sensitive approach than traditional wire and bracket orthodontics. The results we have achieved over the years speak for themselves, and are testament to our commitment to excellence and extensive experience.

For a limited time only we are offering a FREE consultation to our patients, or their family and friends to see if Fastbraces of Cfast is the right choice to enhance your smile. Book your consultation now by email: or by phone: 01 6790625.



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