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New Year, New Smile, New You

Happy New Year to all our patients, and best wishes for 2015. As always Pearl Dental are here to help you with your oral health and help you to achieve a healthy and happy smile. As we enter a new year, people set out new ideas and plans for the coming year, why not make one of yours to maintain or enhance your smile. We believe there are 3 simple things you could try to improve your teeth and oral health:


Food And Diet
Its a fact that what we consume, directly affects our regular health and our oral health. Eating and drinking nutritious and reduced sugar foods not only helps us to maintain a healthy body, but also helps to look after our teeth and reduce our trips to the dentist. Simple things like reducing the quantity of carbonated drinks, chewy treats and coffee consumption can result in reduced staining of teeth, and the opportunity for mouth acids and sugar to affect the enamel on our teeth.

Good Oral Habits
Secondly and most importantly, if we do not have a good oral health routine, chances are we are not cleaning our teeth correctly, therefore increasing the chances of future dental problems. It could be a new year resolution to spend ten minutes per day looking after your teeth, by brushing twice per day with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing at least once each day. Even by following this straightforward oral health routine you could reduce your dental issues substantially.

Straight Teeth With Fastbraces
With a new year, comes the opportunity to try something new or different, and maybe its time to consider straightening your teeth, to improve your oral health and give you more confidence in your smile. At Pearl Dental we are very experienced providers of the FastbracesĀ® Orthodontic Braces System, having treated a significant amount of cases over the last few years. Fastbraces is the fast, safe and affordable way to straighten your teeth, with some cases completed in 6 months or less.

**For a limited time only we are offering a free Fastbraces consultation at our conveniently located practice on Nassau Street, right beside Trinity College Dublin. At this consultation our dentist will assess your smile and see if you are a suitable candidate for Fastbraces treatment. Call reception now on 01 6790625 to arrange your consultation appointment or email:

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