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Improve your smile with White Fillings


Most patients we see in Pearl Dental have fillings of one kind or another in their mouth, used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay. In most cases it tends to me amalgam which is a metal coloured filling material – a proven and time tested method to solve this problem.

Up until recently white fillings were considered less long lasting than silver fillings, and as a result most dentists used amalgam to fill holes in teeth. Due to the progress of modern dental materials, most of the fillings we now complete tend to be either composite or porcelain white materials, which can be blended to match the rest of your teeth.

In terms of cost for this service, due to the increasing popularity of white fillings the prices have come down significantly and white fillings are only marginally more expensive than amalgam. Similar to metal fillings the main factors determining price are the size of the cavity, the materials used and the length of time the treatment takes.

We would recommend considering white fillings when your existing ones need replacing. Talk to our dentists on your next visit about how you can improve your smile with white fillings.

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