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An article in today’s Irish Times suggests so …

Consumers ‘pay too much for dental services’

Consumers are paying too much for dental services because competition is restricted and discouraged by an outdated system of regulation, according to a new report on the profession from the Competition Authority.¬†PearlTreatments tries to ensure that our “consumers” are comfortable with the prices they pay and that¬† they always get the very best treatments and service available. What do you think?

One Comment on Expensive?

  1. Pearlywhites thinking on ‘dental tourism’ is fairly simple. If the work is done elsewhere, at any cost, be it more or less, and is to the standard to which we aspire, we will generally be happy to maintain the work as part of our regular examination and maintenance schedule. However, if the work is not to an acceptable standard, we will refer the patient back to the dentist responsible for the treatment. In our experience, this can be a more common occurrence than we would like, and unfortunately, gaining redress can be difficult, particularly in view of the different legal jurisdictions involved. Fixing poor quality dental work is generally more expensive than the treatment would originally have been, and a lot more complicated. Be sure before you travel!

    In general, if you shop around for the cheapest hairdresser in the E.U., shop around for your dentistry too!