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Do I really need a 6 Month Check-up?


Generally speaking we ask our patients to visit the practice every 6 months for a check-up, but like most things it depends very much on the individual case, and the health of the patients teeth and gums. During a Pearl Dental check-up our dentist will carry out the following:

– Assess the overall health and condition of your teeth
– Check for the build up of plaque
– Use X-rays to look inside, in-between and underneath your teeth for signs of infection or disease
– Make sure that your previous dental work (Fillings, Crown & Bridge work) is healthy and robust
– Talk to you about your diet, smoking and alcohol use and how it can stain teeth
– Advise you on the best teeth cleaning habits and frequency
– Enquire about your dental health and suggest some cosmetic treatments to improve your smile

After a check-up your dentist will advise you of a date which they feel is the best time to see you again, to keep your mouth healthy and prevent future dental problems. As they say ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and that is certainly what we strive to achieve with the patients of our practice.

If you are experiencing any dental problems, or you feel that you would benefit from a check-up in Pearl Dental please contact or call 01 6790625.

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