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Dental Implants- how and why.

You’ve all heard about them, you all know they’re expensive, and many of you wonder what they’re for. Dental implants are probably one of the greatest developments in the history of dentistry.

Once upon a time, anyone missing a tooth had only 3 options; a gap, which most of you don’t want anymore; a denture, which more and more of you really cannot abide the thoughts of; and bridgework, which is expensive, and often quite destructive to the adjacent teeth.

One day, a rather enterprising man thought that it may be a good idea to screw a metal post into a willing participants jawbone to see what may happen, and as if by the magic of the tooth fairy, the bone accepted this happily, and it was then possible to add a crown to the top of the post to restore the missing tooth permanently. Implant dentistry was born, and has developed in leaps and bounds since.

Where once we put everyone to sleep for the procedure, it has now become so routine that most can happily be placed in the dental surgery with nothing more than a local anaesthetic, and little or no time away from work, and the options for more difficult cases are expanding almost daily. Full dentures need no longer be the flippy- flappy mouthful they once were, as we can now place implants as anchors for the dentures, making the possibility of toffees (which is probably one of the reasons you have no teeth anyway!) and apples a realistic one again.

For a single missing tooth, after GAA, bicycle or Friday night mishaps, an implant can restore the space so effectively that often it is impossible to detect what is tooth and what is crown, and the biggest advantage is the fact that the adjacent teeth can be left untouched.

If your dentist is not offering implants themselves, they will certainly have a colleague to whom they can refer, and if your dentist is placing implants, ensure that they are using full sterile surgical scrubs for each case, and that they offer some guarantee on the work undertaken.

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