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Choosing the Right Toothbrush

Patients always ask what is the right type of toothbrush for me? In most cases the answer is, whatever one you will use regularly to maintain your oral health. There are a few factors to take into consideration when making the decision on the type of tooth brush that suits you:


Although there are some inexpensive electric toothbrushes available, in most cases they cost much more than a regular manual disposable toothbrush. In addition to the initial outlay there is the additional expense of replacing the removable heads when they wear out. Saying that, if an electric toothbrush keeps your teeth clean and encourages you to brush, then perhaps the bigger initial expense will be offset by the reduction in visits to you local dentist.

There is a quite a wide variety of toothbrush sizes in supermarkets and local shops, so which one do you choose.. as brushing your teeth is an individual and personal thing it goes back to whatever you are comfortable with and is the most effective. First of all the toothbrush should sit comfortably in your hand, if you brush twice a day the last thing you want is for that to be an uncomfortable experience. Secondly, the head of the toothbrush should fit easily in your mouth and allow you to reach all of the main surfaces of your teeth, including your molars.

Bristle Variety
In most shops you are usually given the option to select soft, medium or hard bristles for either a manual or electric toothbrush. Soft bristles are the best option for most people, but it very much depends on the strength of your teeth and gums, and how firmly you brush. Patients need to be careful that their choice of brush does not damage gums, the tooth enamel or root surface.

Finally and most importantly your choice of toothbrush depends on whatever you like the best, and one that you will use at least twice a day, every day.

If you need any more advice or recommendations for the right way to maintain your oral health or the right type of toothbrush for you, talk to our dentist on your next visit.

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