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Frank McNally on Dentists

An Irishman’s Diary

I know they get paid well, but sometimes I feel sorry for dentists, says
Frank McNally .

Because apart from the fact that they can talk to patients for long
periods during which the patients are not in a position to interrupt,
theirs is a profession that allows very little in the way of

Woody Allen summed it up – indirectly – in a classic sketch: “If the
Impressionists had been Dentists.” This takes the form of a series of
letters from tortured dental genius Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo
– describing his daily struggles with such philistine patients as Mrs
Sol Schwimmer, who has sued him just because he made her bridge
“enormous and billowing, with wild, explosive teeth flaring up in every
direction”. Continue reading


An article in today’s Irish Times suggests so …

Consumers ‘pay too much for dental services’

Consumers are paying too much for dental services because competition is restricted and discouraged by an outdated system of regulation, according to a new report on the profession from the Competition Authority.¬†PearlTreatments tries to ensure that our “consumers” are comfortable with the prices they pay and that¬† they always get the very best treatments and service available. What do you think?