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Emergency Dentist care at Pearl Dental Practice and Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Emergency dentist care at Pearl Dental

We here at Pearl Dental Practice and Beauty Salon on Nassau Street, Dublin 2, take our responsibilities in relation to emergency dental care very seriously. We always try to offer sameday appointments for dental emergencies, be they patients of our practice, another practice or casual patients with no regular dentist. Out of normal working hours, we have an emergency number to allow dental emergency patients to access advice on how to deal with the situation. All of our dentists are trained to deal with any dental emergency that may present itself, and generally we have 2 or 3 dentists available at any one time if second opinions are required for complex cases. As we are able to offer a comprehensive range of dental solutions, we can offer advice on how best to proceed in the longterm with any problem tooth that requires treatment. We can also provide immediate quotes on the full cost of any treatment plan recommended, such that any patients can make appropriate decisions as to which option is most appropriate to them before any treatment is undertaken.

For emergency, or routine appointments, call us on 01 679 0625, or check our website for more information on our services.

Emergency Dentist care at Pearl Dental

Once I was afraid, I was petrified…..

Just to prove it can be done, here is the transcript of an e-mail to ourselves from a patient who had previously contacted us for advice, and in an emergency ended up seeing another dentist elsewhere, but was so elated at having overcome her fear, that she mailed us back just to share the joy!

Dear Paul
I don’t know if you remember me . I emailed you about my back tooth and how nervous i was. Well guess what. Last nite i was up all nite with the pain. I thought to myself i cant handle it anymore. So i came into work this morning asked around got a name of a dentist rang got a appointment for a hour later. Was so so so  scared, i went in and he was a lovely man i was shaking at the knees and i told him i was so scared he took me for a X ray and say that i had a very upset nerve in one the sore tooth. He said there was only one option, REMOVE THE TOOTH i nearly fainted he talked me through other options but this one seemed the more practical one. Oh my god i was totally shaking, he was so calming it was great he numbed it up really really well didn’t even feel the first injection.
He was so patient with me and took his time and got it out it was HUGH and he showed me the nerve and where it was YUCK :). I just cant believe i did it I’m so proud of myself YAY me. I had to share this with someone hope i didn’t waste your time. Thanks again for listening
a very happy and relived
Oh P.s
Will the hole close up it freakin me out a bit 🙂
Take heart one and all, it can be done, and you can be as elated as Sarah once you reach the other side!

Not a dental fan….?

We have found over the years that there are one or two of you out there that have a specific dislike of the dentist. We try not to take it personally, but sometimes it just seems unfair. We know the dentist was an ogre when you were a kid, and that he/she strapped you into the chair with the other kids watching and pulled your tooth out with no anaesthetic, but honestly, we’ve worked out that you don’t really like that anymore, so we try really hard to make it more civilised these days!

Here at Pearl Treatment Centres we have a team of motivated and caring staff who actually want you to come back because you want to, not because you’re told to. We have 4 different dentists available, such that we should have someone for any personality out there. We have tried to make our surroundings modern and appealing, such that your first thought coming through the door is not ‘Aaargh, DENTIST!’  We are patient in our approach, and try not to overload you with too much in one visit if that is not comfortable for you. For those of you that need more help when coping with your dental visit, we also have a hypnotherapist on site, and we work very closely with him in bringing the real dental phobe to the point at which the dentist is not the big deal that they thought.

We are committed to trying to provide a full range of treatment for everyone that needs or wants it, and if that takes 12 months for some, and 2 weeks for others, we’re in no rush. At the end of it all, we want you leaving with a smile!