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Use Fastbraces To Fix Spacing

Diastema, or spacing as its more commonly known, is a gap between two teeth in your mouth. Spaces or gaps between teeth are common, and during day to day living generally cause few problems. But, some people are not happy with these spaces and are looking for a solution to bring the teeth closer together.

There are a number of reasons people have spaces between their teeth, some of which may include:

Missing teeth Some people do not get all of their permanent adult teeth, or can have a tooth irreparably damaged during childhood which results in a gap in their smile.

Teeth that are too small for the space in your jaw bone If your jaw has more space, your teeth may not be large enough to fill it. Your teeth may spread out, causing one or more gaps.

A large labial frenum. This is the small flap that connects your upper lip to your gums. If it grows between your two front teeth, it may separate the teeth, causing a gap.

Dental habits Children who use a dummy or suck their thumbs beyond 4 years of age may develop gaps in their teeth.

Tongue thrusting If your tongue presses against your teeth when you swallow, this can cause gaps in the front teeth over time.

Using innovative and cutting edge teeth straightening treatments like Fastbraces, we can fix many common issues like crowding, gaps, high canines or an over bite. For your free assessment, book now on 01 6790625, or message us for more details and appointments, and begin your journey to a magic smile!

Dental Implants – The most robust and proven method of replacing missing teeth!

Loose or missing teeth not only make it hard to eat or talk, they can also knock your confidence, or make you uncomfortable in social situations. Dental implants could be the solution you’re looking for. If you’re considering Dental Implants, we can provide you with comprehensive information, treatment and show you examples of other successful cases completed at Pearl Dental.

Some of the benefits of dental implants include:

Dental Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or secure a full set of teeth.
Dental Implants don’t get cavities!
Dental Implants help improve your appearance by replacing missing teeth.
Dental Implants improve comfort while eating.
Dental Implants give you greater confidence when speaking.
Dental Implants give people a sense of improved oral health and self-esteem.
All treatment is performed in our practice

Actual Patient Case completed by Dr Paul Redbond at Pearl Dental

Using Fastbraces to fix Crowding

Crowding occurs when there is simply not enough room in the mouth for all of teeth to erupt (come in) properly. If left untreated, crowding can worsen over time and result in severely overlapped teeth. This may increase risk of plaque accumulation, decay and periodontal disease.

Patient 1 – Crowding Before and After

Patient 2 – Crowding Before and After

Using innovative and cutting edge teeth straightening treatments like Fastbraces, we can fix many common issues like crowding, gaps, high canines or an over bite. For your free assessment, book now on 01 6790625, or message us for more details and appointments, and begin your journey to a magic smile!

New Year’s Resolution – Improve Your Oral Health

Your dental health is an important part of your overall health, and the New Year is a great time to create resolutions for improving your health. Many people have dental health resolutions that range from improving their toothbrushing habits, finally getting their teeth straightened or improving their smile. Some of your New Years resolutions could include:

Improving Toothbrushing and Flossing Habits

Daily toothbrushing and flossing is a sure and simple way to improve your oral health. For successful bacterial plaque removal, it is important to brush at least twice a day using an appropriately sized, soft-bristle, manual or electric toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste. It is also important to floss at least once per day to remove bacterial plaque and food that has accumulated throughout the day. Your toothbrush should be replaced every 3 to 4 months, as well as after you have a cold or flu or if the bristles are frayed. Daily toothbrushing and flossing help to prevent gingivitis (gum disease), tooth decay and halitosis (bad breath).

Healthier Food and Drink Choices

An important part of achieving your dental health resolutions is making healthier food and drink choices, especially for snacks. Frequent consumption of food and beverages containing carbohydrates and acids contributes to tooth decay, so it is important to brush after snacking. Chewing gum after a meal will also help to neutralise acid which has been created during mealtimes.

Improving Your Smile

At Pearl Dental we offer several treatments that can help to improve your smile:

Teeth Whitening
Recently tooth whitening has become extremely popular in Ireland, with people wishing to whiten their teeth after years of staining from food and drinks, smoking or general deterioration in colour. Our most popular treatment by far is the home whitening kit, that consists of custom made gum shields which are generally worn at night, in conjunction with a bleaching agent which gradually whitens the teeth over 2 weeks.

Teeth Straightening
Your New Year’s resolution may be to finally correct an underbite or overbite caused by an injury, thumb sucking, tooth crowding or crooked teeth. Correcting any of these problems with braces not only enhances the look of your smile but also, and most importantly, improves your oral health. At Pearl Dental we are experienced providers of the Fastbraces cosmetic braces system, and have consistently achieved fantastic results for our patients. Please review some of our successful cases in our Patient Gallery.

Restorative Dentistry
The New Year may be the right time to start or complete deferred restorative dental work, such as crowns, implants or fillings. Completing these types of procedures will help you to preserve the tooth structure and to maintain proper tooth alignment, which could ultimately improve your oral health.

Quit Smoking
Quitting cigarette smoking and smokeless tobacco use is important for improving your oral and overall health. There is no better time than the present to make a resolution to stop smoking. Consider free online tools, patches, progress-tracking apps or support from friends and family to assist you with tobacco cessation.

Make Routine Dental Visits
A resolution to make routine visits to Pearl Dental may help prevent oral disease or reveal an existing disease in its early stage. Our dentists recommend that dental visits should take place every 6 months to allow us to monitor the condition of your mouth and smile, and develop a custom treatment plan.

Straight Teeth By Summer with Fastbraces


Straighter teeth in 6-9 months is not just a dream! If you think your crooked teeth are beyond redemption, look at some of our recently completed cases in our Patient Gallery. It is not all about perfection like some people think, but in turning a smile into something to be proud of, instead of something to be hidden. The patient case above is an example of high canines, which is a common problem when there is insufficient room in the arch for them to erupt into their correct positions. High canines can cause discomfort in the gums due to inflammation around the improperly erupted teeth.

Using innovative and cutting edge teeth straightening treatments like Fastbraces, we can fix many common issues like crowding, gaps, high canines or an over bite. For your free assessment, book now on 01 6790625, or message us for more details and appointments, and begin your journey to a magic smile!

Fastbraces – Case Study


Sometimes time is a factor when creating a smile, and we have to look for the best result we can achieve in the time available. This client only had a 5 month window for us to work with, meaning that we would have to accept some degree of compromise in the final result.

We fitted braces for 4 months only, then finished with bleaching, a little bit of bonding, and then veneers for the 2 little teeth at the front, resulting in a simply stunning smile. If 2015 is the year when you decide that a new smile is for you, call us on 01 6790625 to book your Free Fastbraces Consultation, or find more information here.

Fastbraces treatment starts from only €1,600 for upper or lower only, and €2,600 for both upper and lower. We also have payment plans available so that you can spread the cost over the duration of your treatment with us.

Fastbraces Logo

New Year, New Smile, New You

Happy New Year to all our patients, and best wishes for 2015. As always Pearl Dental are here to help you with your oral health and help you to achieve a healthy and happy smile. As we enter a new year, people set out new ideas and plans for the coming year, why not make one of yours to maintain or enhance your smile. We believe there are 3 simple things you could try to improve your teeth and oral health:


Food And Diet
Its a fact that what we consume, directly affects our regular health and our oral health. Eating and drinking nutritious and reduced sugar foods not only helps us to maintain a healthy body, but also helps to look after our teeth and reduce our trips to the dentist. Simple things like reducing the quantity of carbonated drinks, chewy treats and coffee consumption can result in reduced staining of teeth, and the opportunity for mouth acids and sugar to affect the enamel on our teeth.

Good Oral Habits
Secondly and most importantly, if we do not have a good oral health routine, chances are we are not cleaning our teeth correctly, therefore increasing the chances of future dental problems. It could be a new year resolution to spend ten minutes per day looking after your teeth, by brushing twice per day with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing at least once each day. Even by following this straightforward oral health routine you could reduce your dental issues substantially.

Straight Teeth With Fastbraces
With a new year, comes the opportunity to try something new or different, and maybe its time to consider straightening your teeth, to improve your oral health and give you more confidence in your smile. At Pearl Dental we are very experienced providers of the Fastbraces® Orthodontic Braces System, having treated a significant amount of cases over the last few years. Fastbraces is the fast, safe and affordable way to straighten your teeth, with some cases completed in 6 months or less.

**For a limited time only we are offering a free Fastbraces consultation at our conveniently located practice on Nassau Street, right beside Trinity College Dublin. At this consultation our dentist will assess your smile and see if you are a suitable candidate for Fastbraces treatment. Call reception now on 01 6790625 to arrange your consultation appointment or email:

Perfect Christmas Gift – Straight Teeth

As today is the 1st of December, it will get many of us thinking about the perfect Christmas gift for a family member, spouse or loved one. Why not give a gift that keeps on giving? Improved confidence, an aesthetically pleasing smile and better mouth functionality through teeth straightening.

Pearl Dental have been treating patients for several years now, providing them with cosmetic orthodontics. This offers patients complete treatment in under 6 months and for a price lower than many people expect. We use two main systems on our patients Cfast and Fastbraces, both provide excellent results and in which our dentists have received comprehensive training.

Our two teeth straightening systems can be suitable for people of all ages, and in general provide a more patient sensitive approach than traditional wire and bracket orthodontics. The results we have achieved over the years speak for themselves, and are testament to our commitment to excellence and extensive experience.

For a limited time only we are offering a FREE consultation to our patients, or their family and friends to see if Fastbraces of Cfast is the right choice to enhance your smile. Book your consultation now by email: or by phone: 01 6790625.



Dental Deals for Trinity College Students

Given our location in Morrison Chambers, across the road from Trinity College Dublin and the university entrance out onto Nassau Street, we are conveniently located for the students and faculty of who require dental services. We are a well established and comprehensive service provider offering the full suite of routine dental services and general treatments. Additionally, We are experienced providers of cosmetic dentistry including  veneers, teeth straightening with Fastbraces® and dental implants, to patients of our Dublin and Kildare clinics.


We are delighted to offer the students of Trinity College some choice discounts of up to 30% off our regular prices for a limited time only, as we realise the financial difficulties that college students experience having seen them first hand, when we were students ourselves. We hope that through these discounts, the students of Trinity College will be encouraged to maintain their oral health, at one of the most important times of their life.

If you are a student in Trinity College and would like to take advantage of these exclusive offers, you can contact us by email or by calling 01 6790625. Offers valid until 31st December 2014.

Dental Implants in Dublin 2

Pearl Dental Implant Case completed by Dr Paul Redbond

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are a synthetic root, made of titanium and used to anchor replacement teeth. They give you a completely functional new tooth allowing you to chew, speak and smile confidently. The Implant consists of three parts, which all perform a unique function:
The Implant  – This is the titanium piece placed in the jawbone, which will secure your new tooth/ teeth
The Abutment  – Made of porcelain, gold or titanium, this connects The Implant and Restoration/ Crown
The Restoration/ The Crown – This can be attached directly to The Implant or The Abutment and is the part that looks like a tooth. Your dentist will endeavour to match the colour of this new tooth to the others in your mouth to ensure your smile is seamless.

Benefits of Dental Implants

– They are a long term solution for missing teeth or filling gaps in your smile
– Enjoy your favourite foods and eat them with confidence
– Chew, bite and speak without worrying about moving dentures
– Maintain the natural appearance of your face and smile
– Proven and reliable method of filling gaps and replacing teeth

Are Dental Implants the right choice for me?

If you are missing one or more teeth and have a healthy jawbone, then chances are you a good candidate for dental implants. We recommend that any of our patients considering dental implants undergo a comprehensive consultation with one of our dentists, who can then assess your case and explain the treatment to you. Book your consultation today by contacting or by phone on 01 6790625