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Use Fastbraces To Fix Spacing

Diastema, or spacing as its more commonly known, is a gap between two teeth in your mouth. Spaces or gaps between teeth are common, and during day to day living generally cause few problems. But, some people are not happy with these spaces and are looking for a solution to bring the teeth closer together.

There are a number of reasons people have spaces between their teeth, some of which may include:

Missing teeth Some people do not get all of their permanent adult teeth, or can have a tooth irreparably damaged during childhood which results in a gap in their smile.

Teeth that are too small for the space in your jaw bone If your jaw has more space, your teeth may not be large enough to fill it. Your teeth may spread out, causing one or more gaps.

A large labial frenum. This is the small flap that connects your upper lip to your gums. If it grows between your two front teeth, it may separate the teeth, causing a gap.

Dental habits Children who use a dummy or suck their thumbs beyond 4 years of age may develop gaps in their teeth.

Tongue thrusting If your tongue presses against your teeth when you swallow, this can cause gaps in the front teeth over time.

Using innovative and cutting edge teeth straightening treatments like Fastbraces, we can fix many common issues like crowding, gaps, high canines or an over bite. For your free assessment, book now on 01 6790625, or message us for more details and appointments, and begin your journey to a magic smile!

Using Fastbraces to fix Crowding

Crowding occurs when there is simply not enough room in the mouth for all of teeth to erupt (come in) properly. If left untreated, crowding can worsen over time and result in severely overlapped teeth. This may increase risk of plaque accumulation, decay and periodontal disease.

Patient 1 – Crowding Before and After

Patient 2 – Crowding Before and After

Using innovative and cutting edge teeth straightening treatments like Fastbraces, we can fix many common issues like crowding, gaps, high canines or an over bite. For your free assessment, book now on 01 6790625, or message us for more details and appointments, and begin your journey to a magic smile!

Straight Teeth By Summer with Fastbraces


Straighter teeth in 6-9 months is not just a dream! If you think your crooked teeth are beyond redemption, look at some of our recently completed cases in our Patient Gallery. It is not all about perfection like some people think, but in turning a smile into something to be proud of, instead of something to be hidden. The patient case above is an example of high canines, which is a common problem when there is insufficient room in the arch for them to erupt into their correct positions. High canines can cause discomfort in the gums due to inflammation around the improperly erupted teeth.

Using innovative and cutting edge teeth straightening treatments like Fastbraces, we can fix many common issues like crowding, gaps, high canines or an over bite. For your free assessment, book now on 01 6790625, or message us for more details and appointments, and begin your journey to a magic smile!

Perfect Christmas Gift – Straight Teeth

As today is the 1st of December, it will get many of us thinking about the perfect Christmas gift for a family member, spouse or loved one. Why not give a gift that keeps on giving? Improved confidence, an aesthetically pleasing smile and better mouth functionality through teeth straightening.

Pearl Dental have been treating patients for several years now, providing them with cosmetic orthodontics. This offers patients complete treatment in under 6 months and for a price lower than many people expect. We use two main systems on our patients Cfast and Fastbraces, both provide excellent results and in which our dentists have received comprehensive training.

Our two teeth straightening systems can be suitable for people of all ages, and in general provide a more patient sensitive approach than traditional wire and bracket orthodontics. The results we have achieved over the years speak for themselves, and are testament to our commitment to excellence and extensive experience.

For a limited time only we are offering a FREE consultation to our patients, or their family and friends to see if Fastbraces of Cfast is the right choice to enhance your smile. Book your consultation now by email: or by phone: 01 6790625.



Special offer on Professional Portrait Photographs via Pearl Dental Practice and Beauty Salon, Dublin 2.

As part of our committment to creating the perfect smile via a combination of our cosmetic dentistry, facial aesthetics services and beauty salon, we are now delighted to announce a new partnership with D Studios, Dublin 2.

We currently have a limited number of complimentary vouchers available entitling the bearer to a free professional portrait shoot, including one framed print, with D Studios.

Be it a chance to record your new smile for self admiration, or simply a chance to indulge yourself in a little pampering, this offer is too good to miss.

To be in with a chance of receiving one of these limited vouchers, simply book an appointment with our beautician for a Jane Iredale makeover, or a Microdermabrasion session for rejuvenated skin, and you will be entered into a random draw for a limited number of the vouchers at the end of April.

Also, remember that all the beauty treatments and massage at Pearl are currently at 50% off, so book now to make the most of this fabulous offer.

More information on Pearl Beauty and Dental services can be found at, and for information on D Studios and their services, go to

Tooth decay. Are you at risk of cavities?

Tooth decay is a preventable disease, and much easier to prevent than to treat afterwards. Many factors affect your susceptibilty to tooth decay, also called tooth caries, tooth rot, and tooth cavities. The internet has a wealth of information related to tooth decay, and some of our own wisdom on this issue can be found elsewhere in this blog, but the link below has good ideas on how to assess and minimise your risk of tooth decay:

If tooth decay is an issue that has you concerned, or if you need your teeth assessed to ensure that all is sound, give us a call on 01 679 0625, or check our main site for mre information:

Before and After 4- White fillings in back teeth

Before you rush to your dentist to have all your silver/ black fillings replaced, ensure that the dentist is suitably experienced to undertake the procedure, and is prepared to spend the time required to place white fillings correctly. Poorly placed white fillings fail very quickly.

Your checklist should include:

  1. Rubber dam (see the pictures below- the green sheet over the teeth keeps the teeth dry and sterile. White fillings don’t like fluids in the area when they are being placed.) Most dentists will use rubber dam as standard, but if your dentist doesn’t, ask why.
  2. Ensure that food is not packing between the teeth after a white filling is placed. It can be difficult to correctly close the contact between 2 teeth when using white fillings, and if food repeatedly lodges between the teeth, cavities will follow.
  3. Time. White fillings in back teeth cannot be done quickly, and often require an hour or more to place correctly.
  4. Previous examples of work. If we’re proud of our work, we have no problem showing it off! Ask to see photos of previous fillings by your dentist, and look to see if they look like teeth, or mashed potato in a tooth! If we take pride in our fillings, we try to make them as tooth-like as possible.
  5. Warranty. Here at Pearl Dental Practice and Beauty Salon, we guarantee all of our fillings for 12 months, unless specifically indicated otherwise. This gives time to ensure that the fit and finish of the filling is stable for the longterm.

For more information, see the ‘Before and After’ category in this blog, or check out our main site at

You can also check out information on other dental treatments by clicking here.

Exclusive standard veneers at Pearl Dental Practice and Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Here at Pearl Dental Practice and Beauty Salon, we pride ourselves on the standard of our work, and back this up with a 5 year full coverage warranty on all our crowns, veneers, implants, and bridges. However, in some cases, the client is more demanding in terms of the final finish for their smile, and it is for cases such as these that we recommend our exclusive standard laboratory work. The procedure in the surgery is unchanged, as we always work to the highest standards, but the laboratory process, which involves the fabrication of the veneers, crowns etc, can be customised to achieve maximum aesthetics. The work will not last longer, or fit better, as we always aim for the ideal in these respects, but the time spent by the laboratory technician will be considerably longer, and the attention to minor details more intense.

For most people, such minor details are not noticeable, but for some, they are what create the perfect smile, and are therefore worth every cent of the additional cost involved.

Examples of some of our standard veneer cases can be found under the post before-and-after-2-veneers

An example of an exclusive case is shown below, with the first image of the old veneers after the teeth were whitened, and the second image is of the 6 new veneers after fitting. Note the extraordinarily natural appearance of the veneers, which are all but impossible to distinguish from the natural teeth.

Old veneers after tooth whitening

Natural appearance of new veneers

Before and after 3- It doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive!

With all the talk of veneers, crowns, bleaching and other clever things that we can do, the simple options are sometimes overlooked.

This 11 year old girl was being teased at school due to the developmental staining of her front teeth, and so was reluctant to smile at all.

45 minutes, and 2 white fillings later, she left the surgery beaming from ear to ear, and probably hasn’t stopped yet! No needles, no pain, just a happy patient!

Fillings like these are rather specialised due to the uneven colour of the surrounding teeth, which means that the fillings must be customised to blend in as naturally as possible. 4 different colours were used in these restorations.

Before and After 2 – Veneers

You’ve all heard about them, lots of you want them, but what are they, and how do they work?

Our usual analogy is to liken them to false fingernails, as they are thin coverings fitted over your own teeth.

In most cases it is necessary to remove a small amount of the tooth or teeth to be veneered, and then impressions of the teeth are taken for a laboratory to use to fabricate the veneers. Veneers are usually porcelain, and are in the region of 0.5mm to 1mm thick, and are ‘glued’ to the tooth, covering all or part of it, thereby changing shapes and colours of teeth. They are technically demanding to prepare, fabricate and fit to a high standard, and are usually given an average lifespan of around 15 years. We give a guarantee of 5 years on all laboratory fabricated work, and if your dentist doesn’t, ask why!

Generally veneers are NOT reversible, so ensure that you are fully aware of the expected outcome, cost and maintenance requirements before you begin treatment.

If it is an extensive makeover that is required, we would usually suggest a smile design first, which uses digitally enhanced photos and models of your teeth to show fairly accurately the proposed outcome, making your decision as to whether to proceed much easier.