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Before and After 4- White fillings in back teeth

Before you rush to your dentist to have all your silver/ black fillings replaced, ensure that the dentist is suitably experienced to undertake the procedure, and is prepared to spend the time required to place white fillings correctly. Poorly placed white fillings fail very quickly.

Your checklist should include:

  1. Rubber dam (see the pictures below- the green sheet over the teeth keeps the teeth dry and sterile. White fillings don’t like fluids in the area when they are being placed.) Most dentists will use rubber dam as standard, but if your dentist doesn’t, ask why.
  2. Ensure that food is not packing between the teeth after a white filling is placed. It can be difficult to correctly close the contact between 2 teeth when using white fillings, and if food repeatedly lodges between the teeth, cavities will follow.
  3. Time. White fillings in back teeth cannot be done quickly, and often require an hour or more to place correctly.
  4. Previous examples of work. If we’re proud of our work, we have no problem showing it off! Ask to see photos of previous fillings by your dentist, and look to see if they look like teeth, or mashed potato in a tooth! If we take pride in our fillings, we try to make them as tooth-like as possible.
  5. Warranty. Here at Pearl Dental Practice and Beauty Salon, we guarantee all of our fillings for 12 months, unless specifically indicated otherwise. This gives time to ensure that the fit and finish of the filling is stable for the longterm.

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