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Before and after 1- white fillings

There is now no need to suffer confidence issues with poorly finished or unsightly fillings. It is usually feasible to replace old or worn fillings with far superior materials. It may take some time to complete work like these shown, but the end result is worth the effort.

Never try replacing fillings with white ones on the cheap, as the technique and time required for successful white fillings cannot be shortcut. An average size filling in a back tooth will require at least 45 minutes in most cases, and ideally should be carried out under ‘rubber dam’ (see pictures 3+ 4- the green sheet is the rubber dam), to ensure a perfect seal.

Poorly sealed white fillings are a disaster. (picture 5 shows the decay under a white filling placed only 3 weeks before the patient attended with ourselves. Disgraceful dentistry! We gave him the pictures so that he could make a complaint) Picture 6 shows the tooth after we finished. This took an hour and 20 minutes to complete!

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