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Anatomy of a Smile Makeover

While a small number of people are blessed with a naturally great smile, in most cases we see, some dental treatment is required to get your smile looking its best. We tend to focus on 4 key elements:

Healthy Gums
Healthy gums are generally pink in colour and help to embellish the look of the teeth and mouth area on a persons face. When your dentist performs a checkup they observe your gums, taking special care to look out for inflammation, redness, bleeding and dark gums.

Filling Gaps and Fixing Teeth
Through the use of Dental Implants, Crown & Bridge and Veneers our dentists can help to fill the gaps in your smile, and fix teeth that have been worn down or damaged over time.

Teeth Whitening
At Pearl Dental we provide a dentist-administered teeth whitening service, to ensure your teeth look naturally white and stain free.

Teeth Straightening
Using the CFast Cosmetic Tooth Alignment system we provide our patients with teeth straightening to ensure that their smiles look as great as they can be.

Like most things, a solution can be found for any dental problem you have, the key thing is regular maintenance and cleaning of your teeth afterwards through our comprehensive general dental services.

Actual Pearl Dental Patient Case

peg lateral before1

peg lateral after

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